Subdivision Domination


Ways of Getting Business

Word of Mouth

This has been and will be the best source of getting business. Repeat business and referral top the chart. The problem is this can take years to build.

Post Covid

Everything is going online. People are meeting much less and your target market is looking online for the subdivisions they want to live in. The way people do business has changed.

Thinking Long Term

People are looking for subdivisions more often. The video below explains why being the area expert of a subdivision gets you more attention from buyers and sellers.

Monthly Searches on Google for Certain Subdivisions. It's shocking isn't it?

What subdivision would you want to dominate?

How to Dominate a Subdivision?

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14th Month Money Back Guarantee
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  • The use of a subdivision marketing website.
  • You receive notifications by email when potential buyers/sellers ask for more information, subscribe, or signs up for special offers.
  • These are custom marketing websites based on research of what people are looking for.
  • We create content including videos on the area.
  • Backed by a 14 month money back guarantee, see below.

$89 per month. A better question is how much is even one closed transaction worth?

Over 14 months you’ll need to take pictures of the subdivision, homes, and the community. It’s that simple.

You’ll receive a complete refund if, for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied, as long as you do your part. Participants must do the following for this program to work. During the next 12 months.
  • Take pictures of the surrounding subdivision from a researched list we provide.
  • Take pictures of homes inside and out of 21 homes. That’s less than 2 homes per month.
  • Send us the pictures so we can make videos and provide the proper content for the website.
It’s imperative that you have your email set up on your phone. Following up in the first few minutes will normally stop a motivated buyer/seller from calling your competition. It’s recommended to follow up within the first 15 minutes. The quicker the follow up the better.

It takes up to 12 months after enough content is on the website for Google to index it.

If you want it quicker, then you must take more pictures of homes and the community. We provide you everything except taking the pictures. You’re the expert in the area.

The quicker you provide the pictures, the quicker everything happens.

All the research, website development, videos, and all the technical aspects, cost us time and money to create. Do your part as described above to receive a 14 month money back guarantee. There are no refunds unless you do your part. If you’re not serious about building your business, please don’t start.
Subdivision Domination is only for subdivisions in the US.

During our appointment we’ll do a search for your favorite subdivisions and give you details of hot markets.

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Dominate a Subdivision?

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